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CellML field parameter types. More...


integer(intg), parameter, public cmiss_cellml::cellml_models_field = 1
 CellML models field. More...
integer(intg), parameter, public cmiss_cellml::cellml_state_field = 2
 CellML state field. More...
integer(intg), parameter, public cmiss_cellml::cellml_intermediate_field = 3
 CellML intermediate field. More...
integer(intg), parameter, public cmiss_cellml::cellml_parameters_field = 4
 CellML parameters field. More...

Detailed Description

CellML field parameter types.

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CMISS_CELLML,OPENCMISS::CellML::FieldTypes CellML model variables being mapped to or from fields will have an initial type of CELLML_UNKNOWN_FIELD. This will be set to the appropriate type once the model is instantiated and the type can be correctly determined.
Link to appropriate methods for instantiation.

Variable Documentation

integer(intg), parameter, public cmiss_cellml::cellml_intermediate_field = 3
integer(intg), parameter, public cmiss_cellml::cellml_models_field = 1

CellML models field.

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Definition at line 85 of file cmiss_cellml.f90.

Referenced by cmiss_cellml::cellml_cellml_to_field_update(), and cmiss_cellml::cellml_field_to_cellml_update().