OpenCMISS-Iron Internal API Documentation
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Project Tracker

The opencmiss project tracker is hosted by the Physiome project's Tracker



The programmer documentation is managed by Doxygen. The html version of doxygen is hosted in


  • Can be downloaded from
  • Suggested Doxygen version is 1.5.6. (Currently there are some problems with 1.5.7 & 1.5.8)
  • To generate html and latex versions, go to <path_to_your_opencmiss_folder>/doc/doxygen and run doxygen under that directory. There will be two folders html and latex generated.
  • To generate pdf version, use some latex to pdf conversion tools, e.g pdflatex. In the latex folder, run "pdflatex refman.tex" and the refman.pdf file will be produced.
  • By default dot is enabled. Dot tool is part of Graphviz, a graph visualization toolkit from AT&T and Lucent Bell Labs. To reduce number of files generated, disable the dot tool by setting HAVE_DOT=NO in <path_to_your_opencmiss_folder>/doc/doxygen/Doxyfile.


Buildbot is used as the automatic building and testing tool for the openCMISS project. Currently, the buildbot master is hosted at Refer to the buildbot manual for the buildmaster and buildslave initial set up.

To add the addition buildslave for OpenCMISS

  1. Install Buildbot and all required installations for OpenCMISS
  2. Make sure that all build dependencies are met
  3. Accept the ssl certificate permanently: in terminal, use
    svn list
    and select p.
  4. Send an email to with the following information
    • Name (e.g. Joe Bloggs)
    • OS - Name, Version & Architecture ( CentOS 5 64bit)
    • Compiler name, version
  5. When you get a response, you will receive a build slave name (e.g. centos5_64) and a password (e.g. PaSSw0rd)
  6. Follow the following slave instructions.
    buildbot create-slave [slave dir] [slavename] [password]
    cd [slave dir]/info
    echo "Put Your Name Here < and some cryptic email text> ” > admin
    echo “OpenCMISS - Name Version & Architecture “`uname -a` > host
    cat admin host
    cd [slave dir]
    # Set the OPENCMISSEXTRAS_ROOT, OPENCMISS_ROOT, and PATH environment variables in the Makefile
    make start
    tail -f [slave dir]/twistd.log


  • Manual and downloads from
  • It could contain one build master(machine to trigger the builds on different build slaves and deliver information about the build results through protocols like HTTP, mail)
  • It could contain several build slaves (obtain codes from svn repository and do the build under build master's instructions).
  • Build master and build slaves can be on the same machine.
  • The svn update for buildbot allows source code update from other branches or previous revisions. To do that, in the svn builder page, either enter the branch path from cm directory(exclusive) in the "Branch to build" text field or enter the revision number in the "Revision to build" text field.