OpenCMISS-Iron Internal API Documentation
Profiling with TAU


There are a few important points to note before you start using TAU.

  • The current version of PAPI (3.7.2) does not compile using Intel Compilers. Therefore, if you need TAU with PAPI, you will need to use GNU compilers.
  • PAPI requires you to be running a version of Linux with hardware counters built into the kernel. This means a kernel version of 2.6.31 or later (Ubuntu 9.10 or Fedora 12). Earlier kernels can be patched, for more information visit the link below.
  • PAPI also supports Windows XP/2000, although this has not been tested with OpenCMISS. Visit the link below for more information.
  • This process was developed on the following setup, 64 bit Linux with kernel 2.6.32 using PAPI 3.7.2 and TAU 2.19. To avoid complications, try to proceed using a similar setup.

Look through the following pages for information on the setup, use and implementation of TAU in OpenCMISS.