Minutes: Minutes for 29 January 2016

Fri 29 January 2016
By OpenCMISS Project.

Present: Noel, Koray, Prasad, Hugh, Peter, Daniel, Chris, Andre

Apologies: Hashem, Soroush, Richard

  1. Documentation versioning proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n35Rp_Mdi76PPwT5S8k5kgWqexTTuh6dWwtx499O6BM/edit?usp=sharing

    Talked through proposal. Discussed concept of versioned documentation vs those pages which should always show most recent version.

    Best approach may depend on the process used to manage releases of OpenCMISS: backporting fixes, old releases never updated, etc. OpenCOR uses a fixed release system whereby bugs are only fixed in new versions and not fixed in previous releases, which is working well.

    Suggested release process should be simple and address the 99% of people who just want to download and use. We should follow the OpenCOR approach. Keep a linear progression of releases and use tracker to manage “known bugs”. Release notes would track which issues have been fixed in each release (e.g., http://opencor.ws/user/whatIsNew.html#0.4.1 . Links to latest release in the header is sufficient to get to the latest information from any page a user may reach after following URLs published using earlier releases.

    Proposal updated and accepted.

  2. Infrastructure

    • trackers
      • GitHub issues (agreed)
        • could investigate anonymous issue submission. GitReports.com might be a good starting point.
    • Physiome Bugzilla
      • could be migrated en mass if required (script writing require)
      • might be better to manually migrate issues that are still relevant
    • code repositories
      • git repositories on GitHub (agreed)
    • documentation system
      • technology
      • presentation of releases on the website
    • mailing list
      • UoA supplied mailing lists (agreed)
    • development environment
    • supported platforms
      • Linux
      • OS X
      • Windows
      • Various HPC machines
    • continuous integration
      • Jenkins (Currently Stuttgart partial implementation to test it out, working well and Daniel has been able to do everything he has wanted to do)
      • Buildbot (Auckland BaTS)
      • GitHub integration required
      • useful to have authorised users able to test their own forks/repos without needing to submit a pull request.
  3. Common infrastructure across OpenCMISS projects (strong recommendation or enforced?)